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Cottonwood Trail

Cottonwood Trail

SPACE has finished the reclamation of the Cottonwood Trail Boardwalk! Much thanks to you to our backers, individual contributors and group for making this 550ft navigate across our perfect wetlands a chance for the local area to appreciate for quite a long time into the future.

SPACE's most memorable task was the Cottonwood Trail Preserve, at present a 116-section of land metropolitan safeguard and trail framework. Found minutes from downtown Spartanburg, the property safeguards a 1.5 mile stretch of Lawson's Fork Creek and a few feeder streams. The protect fills in as a significant water quality cradle in a quickly developing district and gives environment to a horde of plants and creatures.

North of 4 miles of trails offer sprinters and naturalists a break from city traffic. It gives a spot to residents to run, walk, kayak, kayak, and to appreciate other sporting excursions. This metropolitan greenspace has numerous interesting and extraordinary elements including a few wetlands, open spaces, geographical developments, and offers territory for deer, wild turkey, fox, beaver, raccoon, various birds and reptiles, wildflowers, and trees.

SPACE is liable for dealing with the paths at Griffin Preserve. As a boink component of that work, we use TRAFx trail counters to accumulate information on common and bike utilization of the path — this information is useful for awards and other gathering pledges valuable chances to help SPACE in looking for trail the board assets. Assuming you end up seeing one of these little gadgets on the path, kindly let it be. Much thanks to you!

Safeguard Rules:

Safeguard is open from first light to nightfall.

Place litter in garbage bins or pack it out.

No mechanized vehicles.

No hunting.

No setting up camp.

No pit fires.

No guns.

No paintball.

No jumping on spans.

No cutting of blossoms, trees, plants.

Pets should stay on a chain under proprietor's influence.

Swim despite copious advice to the contrary shoes required.


The Cottonwood Trail is situated close to Spartanburg High School along Lawson's Fork Creek. It tends to be gotten to off of Beechwood Drive or underneath the tennis courts at Spartanburg High School.



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