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THE DOODLE TRAIL, a 7.5 mile rails-to-trails organization between the City of Easley and the City of Pickens opened Memorial Day Weekend 2015. The multi-use trail is open from sunrise to sunset for trekking, strolling, running and rollerblading. Unapproved mopeds or mechanized vehicles are not allowed on the path.

The Doodle line conveys a rich history of industry and economy essential to both the City of Pickens and the City of Easley. In 1890, the State of South Carolina gave a contract for the development of a railroad among Easley and Oolenoy Gap, via Pickens. Following eight years of development, the 8.5-mile part of the rail line among Easley and Pickens became functional in 1898. Until 2013, the Doodle line pulled various items to and from Pickens and Easley, including food items, materials, and vehicle parts. Nearby occupants nicknamed the railroad the "Pickens Doodle" line, on the grounds that the cargo motor couldn't be convoluted and needed to run in reverse from Easley boink to Pickens, seeming to be a doodlebug.

The Doodle Trail addresses the potential chance to carry on the memory of this noteworthy railroad and save the indispensable association that was manufactured among Easley and Pickens quite a long time back. Come look at the path and visit nearby organizations in and out of town!

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More grounded Economies Through Active Communities- - The Economic Impact of Walkable, Bikeable Communities in SC (Doodle Trail Highlighted on Pages 16-17) A Report by Lauren Wright and Hannah Jones of "Eat Smart Move More SC".


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