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Jocassee Gorges @ Horsepasture Road

Jocassee Gorges @ Horsepasture Road

When was jocassee assembled?


Lake Jocassee, the dazzling blue heart of the Jocassee Gorges, is really a man-made lake. It was made when the Jocassee Dam was worked in 1973.

What stream takes care of jocassee?

Lake Jocassee Information

Essential Inflows

Horsepasture, Toxaway, Whitewater, Thompson Rivers

Essential Outflows

Keowee River

Bowl Country


Surface Area

9,000 sections of land (36.4 km2)


Where is jocassee?

Lake boink Jocassee


Oconee/Pickens provinces, South Carolina, United States


34°57′36″N 82°55′10″W



Essential inflows

Horsepasture, Toxaway, Whitewater, Thompson Rivers


What does the word Jocassee mean?

Spot of the Lost One

The name Jocassee signifies "Spot of the Lost One." By the last part of the 1700s, shipping lanes between the Cherokees and Europeans were deep rooted (Hembree and Jackson, 1995) .

Are crocodiles in Lake Jocassee?

A lot of them, and their taking care of time ended up matching with my #1 swimming times: around evening time, in the early morning, or late in the day. Also, crocs.

Might you at any point swim in Lake Jocassee?

One jungle gym is situated in the outing region for day-use visitors. The other is situated in the estate region for manor visitors to utilize. Swimming: Swimming is allowed in Lake Jocassee. There is no reserved swimming region and lifeguards are not given


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