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Sliding Rock Creek Trail

Sliding Rock Creek Trail

Investigate this 1.2-mile circle trail close to Greenville, South Carolina. For the most part viewed as a simple course, it takes a normal of 28 min to finish. This trail is perfect for mountain trekking and street trekking, and it's impossible you'll experience numerous others while investigating.


This can be gotten to by the Sliding Rock Creek Trail, which is a cleared prod trail off of the Swamp Rabbit Trail framework. It's new for 2018 and should boink be broken in! It's a pleasant undulating trail with no specialized elements put something aside for certain roots and a little wooden extension or two.


Trail Overview

This street is open all year, yet a few side streets open occasionally. The street is generally rock and can get somewhat harsh now and again, yet is regularly kept up with. There are a great deal of campgrounds all through and many climbing trails to branch out on. The fundamental street takes you to an astonishing neglect. This is a simple street for a loosening up rough terrain day.


The majority of the path is rock and to some degree kept up with. A couple of spots could be achieved by a lower 2WD however it would be really difficult on the vehicle. The path has a couple of pull off regions that you will require high freedom 4x4 to get to. This doesn't ruin you from venturing to every part of the full length of the street.


Cottonwood Trail


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